I know that casual observations on bird numbers don't count for much on their own, but I have noticed a dearth of Great-crested Flycatchers (at least around my neck of the woods).
In years past, we always had them all summer long in our neighborhood. With their loud call, they are hard to miss. (My husband referred to them as ' that squawky bird').
Every year for over 20 years we had them. Last year, not here and again missing this year. (Except for passing through in the spring.) I can't discern a change in habitat that would account for this.

I also don't hear them as often when I'm out and about. Has anyone else noticed this?

We also used to have Chuck-wills Widow, but haven't in about ten years.

On the plus side, for the past week or so we have been greatly entertained by a family of Bewick's wrens. Watching three of them dust bathing at one time is a treat.

Linda Frederick
Rolla, MO

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