Brad Jacobs, Paul McKenzie and I spent several hours today looking for the Wood Storks and were unable to locate them. We hope birders will keep trying.

Just as Steve suggested, we also tried Fountain Grove CA; at Bittern Bottom Pool we saw hundreds of shorebirds, including many Stilt Sandpipers, one Baird’s Sandpiper, and four American Avocets.

At Swan Lake NWR we enjoyed seeing the three Sandhill Cranes flying over Silver Lake and observed both Black and Forster’s Terns. Brad and Paul were covered by Mayflies, and I swallowed one accidentally, taking a cue from the swallows, maybe.

Good birding everyone,

Pete Monacell
Jefferson City

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Got report of three Wood Storks observed at Swan Lake yesterday. They were seen by a work camper staying at the refuge. Later the Mgr. saw only one and then later none. They were at the south outlet of Swan Lake Marsh pool,next to the road. Just talked to Myrna Carlton who is down there now, but has not relocated them at this time. They may still be in the area though. Might be good idea to check other areas around including Fountain Grove CA. She was enjoying watching the Swallows and Blackbirds feasting on a large hatch of Mayflies.
 Sorry for late report, as I am currently out of town.

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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