Pete Monacell and I will be at the Bass Co. Cave Swallow location looking for it again starting at 5 pm on 19 July. If you haven't seen it you are welcome to join us trying to find it again. I hope the swallow are still staging in the area.  

Location: The directions start about one mile east and one mile south of Rich Hill, Bates Co., go 1.1 mile east on SW 110006 Rd. from the intersection with SE 1005 Rd, a north-south road. This is the road that ends up at Unit 2 of Four Rivers Cons. Area if you continue going east for a mile or two. 

Bring a good spotting scope so you can help search for the Cave Swallow in the myriad cliff and other swallows in the staging flocks.

Brad Jacobs
Boone Co., MO.  

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