I went back down to Swan Lake this morning to follow up on the Mississippi Kite observations on Wednesday. I got to the location on Hog Ridge Road shorty after 9 a.m. and could not locate any Kites. Came back half an hour later and briefly observed two MIKI. Drove the main levee road on the west side of Swan Lake at 11 a.m and had a high count of 9 MIKI over the lake. Watched one fly back to the west towards the private area. Earlier I had seen a Peregrine Falcon fly up and out of Swan Lake. Went back over to Hog Ridge where I observed 7 MIKI around 11:15. So only about half as many Kites observed today, but left at 11:30. The highest number before was after 2 p.m. Birds were more scattered out today also. I observed two more MIKI as I went north of Sumner on the bottom road to Fountain Grove CA. The number of White-rumped Sandpipers at Bittern Marsh pool there had increased by two again for a total of 18 today. Have been seeing Red-headed Woodpeckers frequently in the area. Had them at four different locations on the gravel road from Bittern Marsh back to blacktop W on Wed. This is mostly through crop fields. Seems to be a good number of Bobwhite Quail around too.
  Common Nighthawks were VERY VOCAL uptown Chillicothe about an hour ago. Maybe they like Hot & Humid weather? Maybe more insects? Lots of Lighting Bugs in the neighborhood lately for sure.

Steve Kinder
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