Just a heads up and question of Kansas City metro birders regarding Loggerhead Shrike in the S. metro rural farmlands: They seem to be a regular sighting traveling the gravel roads south of 195th St. From Stateline Rd., E. to Y Hwy. and south as far as you would like to explore in areas with high-quality open grasslands uninterrupted by hedgerows that include wire fences or telephone/power lines.

I’m wondering if any of you from the area can tell me if this bird is regularly reported by others? Meadowlarks, Blue Grosbeak, Dickcissel,  Grasshopper and Field Sparrows nest, and Bobolinks occur during spring migration in those areas that are of the best floristic quality.

There are many prairie remnants scattered throughout this area, some of very high quality, which have yielded fall larkspurs, winter Rough-legged and Ferruginous Hawks, nesting Upland Sandpipers and spring-migrating Merlin and Olive-sided Flycatcher in years past as well as all the expected shorebirds which visit both spring and fall on a couple of local ponds that include mudflats.

I’d be happy to provide my yard list or bird with anyone interested in exploring this area. I don’t consider myself an expert, however my background includes in the 70’s regularly birding with Kimball Garrett and Jonathan Aldefer on the Grass Mountain (founded) and later Lancaster Christmas Bird Counts in LA Co. which helped to expand the reach and wintering records for that county including the first Sandhill Crane in 50 years and other interesting vagrants including Prairie Warbler: LA's Bird List 

LA's Bird List

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Tom Martin, Belton, MO

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