That's a tough one.  Maybe you can load them all up in a station wagon and 
transport to a pond?

We have nesting Canada geese in our subdivision.  It began with one goose 
standing about looking lost all day by the pond, followed by a noisy and 
joyous reunion at dusk.  This went on for two weeks.  Then six wee goslings 
appeared, and Daddy has stayed with them ever since.  Instead, he shepherds 
the brood and hisses menacingly at each passing car and person.  Five of the 
six have survived so far.  We're hoping to avoid the fate of previous 
Canadas here, who refused to move off the levee for passing autos and were 
eventually run over.  This pair does seem to have better sense, so time will 

Good luck with your mallards!
Ida Domazlicky
Cape County

>Three weeks ago a pair of mallards showed up at a neighbor’s in-ground 
>swimming pool.  From time to time they were spotted in nearby yards and we 
>were shown pictures and asked about them.  Three days ago Nancy found the 
>female in our front flower garden.  She was perched under some hellebores, 
>clearly sitting on a nest.  Neighbors came to see her and the pool owners 
>told us that the ducks had not been seen at their pool in about a week. 
>Sometime between 5 and 6 pm the first day, the neighbors and Nancy saw that 
>the female was gone.  Looking at the nest it appeared all dark and 
>abandoned.  However, when I touched the nest the black down feathers, which 
>were providing excellent camouflage in the absence of the female, parted 
>and I could see 6 eggs in just one half of the nest.  I put the down 
>feathers back and the female continues her routine.  She departs for areas 
>unknown between 5 and 6 pm and returns around 8 pm to spend the next 21-22 
>hrs on the nest.

What happens when the eggs hatch is the big unknown as the only available 
water is the neighbors swimming pool and it is behind a tall fence. 
Further, there is no food for the chicks in that pool even if they could get 
there.  This is not even considering the dogs and cats that occasionally run 
loose in our very urban area.

John Solodar - University City, MO

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