Dear Rick,

He certainly is not dead at the TSE Society or at conferences. I have been organizing two Eliot sessions at the American Lit Association conferences for years, and the past couple of years there have been very good audiences. And we get more and more young faculty in the TSE Society. I think, in fact, the publishing of so much new material is bringing Eliot back into central prominence, at least academically. Perhaps there is a lag before it expands. But there are also more and more references to him in magazines I think. It was in the 1980s and 1990s the he was slowly dying; that has turned around. David Brooks likes to refer to Eliot, for example, in the NYTimes.

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>Welcome Rick; I'm delighted you're back.
>But this list will only be a real forum when everyone engages in
>commentary. That was true a few years ago. I am not sure why everyone
>disappeared, but it would be a great project to get back to real ideas and
>discussions--and not to anyone simply going after persons. I may be wrong,
>but I think the personalizing of every position increasingly just made the
>list untenable.
>And that means ideas about all of Eliot issues; if it is only announcing
>sources and events, it is not a discussion list.
>I hope others will join in and throw out questions, comments, views.

Thank you Nancy et al.

I'm sorry but my commentary writing has really dried up so the announcements are my attempt to contribute at least something to the list. It seems to me that Eliot on the web has dried up also. It has been getting rarer and rarer that I find anything new interesting Eliot articles online. Every few months I check for new links to my TWL site and I don't even see links made. Is Eliot finally dead?

I've had some good thoughts about TWL for a paper that I give the working title "Where's Jean" but it's not a very good paper yet because it is all thoughts and no words. I keep saving it for a winter project but a few winters have already passed.

   Rick Parker