It’s usually on Holiday Inn etc or Hilton Hotel booking sites that English towns get put incongruously alongside their New World namesakes, and this Manchester by the Sea seems no exception. The settlers who named it probably deployed a bit of ironic humour, naming a place of natural beauty anything like ‘Manchester’ ( although, like many centres of the First Industrial Revolution in the UK, it’s largely rebuilt now, at least in the centre).

Ewan McColl’s great lyrics well evoked the kind of place it was, eg

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Casco Bay is the location of "Marina." And Portland is gorgeous, with great restaurants and places to walk and right now, at least, schooners in the Bay. You can take the ferry out to the islands Eliot describes in the poem.


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The same thing happened to us last year a couple of weeks before our annual trip to British Columbia to win the west.  We made the trip without the Poocharific who’d accompanied us on the same journey for many years.  And we resisted the temptation to pick up a pooch along the way.  But we did soon after we returned, and that’s my advice—get back on the horse—or dog—as soon as you can.  

I envy you your trip, especially Gloucester.  Eliot counts enormously, of course, but so does Charles Olson who made Gloucester his stompin’ grounds.

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My husband and I have decided to drive to Massachusetts this summer.  We haven't done so in many years.  We plan to stop in Elizabeth Park in Hartford where the ghost of Wallace Stevens has allegedly been seen or more likely felt.  My husband's mother resides in Manchester-By-The-Sea, a part of Cape Ann, where Eliot has some history.  We will visit the Summer House in Gloucester.  Any other suggestions that pertain to Eliot or Stevens? 

On a personal note, my husband and I lost our beloved pooch who was with us for over 10 years.  We lost her about a month ago.  We have been grieving for her and this will be our first car trip without her.  Although this will give us more freedom to stay where we like and not need to hurry back to the hotel when we visit places where she was not allowed, it will also be sad for us.  Any suggestions?

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