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Thanks for the pointer to this catalog, CR, some interesting listings, prices, and stories. I got a chuckle out of the description of a book titled England that was part of a series edited by Ezra Pound and included authors such as Hemingway, W. C. Williams, Ford Maddox Ford: "In contradistinction to the others, and excluding perhaps himself, Goold-Adams was the only one of these authors with whom Pound was romantically involved-"

A wry guy that catalogue writer..

Ken A

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Rare TS Eliot books feature in new Blackwell’s catalogue, June 2018

A book of essays inscribed by TS Eliot to Emily Hale is the highlight of the new Modernisms catalogue from Blackwell’s Rare Books.

During his long relationship with Emily Hale, Eliot sent her a copy of each of his publications. This copy of The Eighteen-Eighties: Essays by Fellows of the Royal Society of Literature also carries Hale’s own bookplate (right), and may have been given away by her in 1957, upon Eliot’s marriage to Valerie Eliot. The catalogue tells more of the fascinating story behind the book, which is for sale at £8,500.

The catalogue also contains other Eliot rarities, including a First Edition of After Strange Gods; a signed copy of Murder In The Cathedral; a copy of Eliot’s Westminster Abbey funeral service; and a Faber & Faber Christmas card signed by TS Eliot. The catalogue is available to download here