One of the volunteer duties of the ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator is to update the Missouri State Parks downloadable checklists shared with DNR on the ASM website under "Birding Locations" drop down menu "Birding State Parks."  All state parks checklists were updated in late March, 2018.

I've just updated Route 66 SP to include these species and the Black-throated Green Warbler seen by Josh Uffman in April, 2018.

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 2:01:39 PM
Subject: Route 66 State Park results, Wednesday

This morning, seven of us assembled at 7:00 for the St. Louis Audubon
Society field trip in Route 66 State Park. We covered a smaller loop first,
then repositioned our cars and hiked a longer loop, for a total of about 4

Very few migrants were in evidence, but of those that were, it appears that
Blue-headed Vireo and Wilson's Warbler were new for the park list (at least
in eBird). We also added a new resident species: Mississippi Kite, with two
adults attending a nest. Other highlights included two Barred Owls calling,
a Prairie Warbler singing, and three Bald Eagles overhead.

Our list:

I have shared the list with the two people whose addresses I have. If
anyone else would like the eBird list shared directly, please write me.

Thanks to Mary Dueren for co-leading, Dick Palmer for assisting, and the
other four participants for turning out for this pleasant bird walk.

Bill Rowe

St. Louis

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