There was a singing CONNETICUT WARBLER this morn(about an hour ago) along the Mt ridge connector trail at Castlewood SP

 The trail starts across from the park office.After a short distance the trail forks.Stay to your left.Continue all the way around the trail where it wraps around the hill and starts to run roughly parallel with Ries Rd(Which you cant see but can hear the cars) Continue down to where the area sort of opens up into a large "gallery/bowl like" area.The bird was sing about 30-40 ft off and down from the trail.I went off  trail and bushwacked to find the bird but all I could manage were a bunch of breif, fleeting views of the bird.At one time it was probably within 10 feet of me singing but the understory is so thick just could not get on it

 Have had several conn warblers at Castlewood over the many years Ive  birded there but all of them have been in the habitat behind the office and along Kiefer Creek so was a little surprised to hear this guy singing along this particular trail this morn..

 Ya get where ya get em.

 Other birds of note this morn were some somewhat late swainson thrushes,a non singing mourning warbler and good numbers of yellow-billed cuckoos

-Mike Brady
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