Started off  at Riverlands about 9AM. Still lots of mudflats but could find no turnstones. The same birds as yesterday were there along with a Wilson Phalarope and a couple each of American Golden and Black Bellied Plovers. There was also a flock of about 24 Dowitchers. These guys are hard for me to tell apart but I thought there were  two types of birds there representing both species. I Also drove to the end of Orton road and found Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Common Yellowthroat, Wilsons Warbler, Willow flycatcher and Orchard Oriole.

I then drove to the mud flats At West Alton Access. Again there were lots of birds way out so walked down to them. Pretty much same birds as yesterday with one Wilsons Phalarope. Then the Falcon got me again. All the birds got up, I knew a falcon was around, suddenly I saw him flying right at me and then pulled up and nailed a bird 30 feet in front of me. It was so close when he hit the bird and adjusted his wing to go straight up in the air I could hear a loud "whoooshhh". It was awesome.

Also ran into Kendall Lloyd and Tim Barksdale at Lincoln Shields who told me they had a female Black throated blue warbler at Forest Park this morning. directions to the sighting are on Kendalls ebird list for Forest Park today

Dave Haenni
Des Peres MO

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