We have a pair nesting in our bluebird box this year for the first time, but surely more than two are making all that joyful noise we hear!

Theresa Enderle

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Date: 5/9/18 10:51 PM (GMT-06:00)
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Subject: Query of House Wren Anectdotes

Greetings, MoBirders,

We usually have about 3 or 4 pairs of House Wrens at our home in Marshall that are very prolific. Thus far this year, we have only one pair. Our friend in Clinton has none returning and our office in Arrow Rock that has previously had a regularly-returning pair also has none. Has anyone else experienced a dearth of these joyous, songful, and commonly under appreciated treasures?

Hoping for the best,

Ethan & Dana

P.S. Great posts about amazing birds lately (great rare bird sighting opportunities) and curious, albeit somewhat disturbing evidence of behavior (Andy and Chrissy with the ducks). Thank you all for the great updates.

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