With the wonderful help from Bernie Favara, a total of 19 folks had a great walk in Tower Grove Park. We started at the Gaddy Bird Garden which was very birdy. Bird song was everywhere, especially Tennessee Warblers. Rose-breasted Grosbeaks seemed to be everywhere too.

The group found the Red-tailed Hawk close to their nest sight. Did not see any active young or any feeding.
We headed to the Cypress tree and pine tree area and located 2 Great-horned Owls dozing in the pine tree.
Around the restrooms, we had great looks at both Tennessee and Nashville warblers.
We made a second pass at Gaddy Bird Garden and that's where we scored more warblers:
Blackburnian, Blue-wing and Gold-wing warblers along with a first year Summer Tanager.
Eleven Warbler species were seen and only Norther Parula was heard.Most warblers, the tanager, and red-tail hawk were found just at the Kingshighway end of the Gaddy Bird Garden Trail
In all 50 species seen today. Many thanks to everyone who attended. You did great work spotting some great birds. Again thank-you very much to Bernie Favara and his eagle-eye spotting & scope.
If anyone would like me to share the eBird list, please email mail me privately.
Here's our list:

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