As announced on April 22, our first annual Birdathon, organized by St. Louis Audubon Society in collaboration with WGNSS and the Audubon Center at Riverlands, begins now and extends through the entire month of May.

The home page for the Birdathon is


and from there you can navigate to pages that describe the three options (birding on your own, joining scheduled field trips, or doing a Big Day) as well as pages where you pledge your support for the people and teams who will be out there birding, even if you are not participating yourself.

So please go to the home page today, decide what you want to do, and sign yourself up individually, or even organize a Big Day team. 

IF YOU ARE ASKING FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO PLEDGE ON YOUR BEHALF -- either a flat amount or per species that you record on a Big Day -- please give them the home page address (above) and the ID number that you were given when you registered. Ask them to go directly to the "Make pledge/donate" link, put in your ID number, and follow the instructions. For per-species pledges, we are requesting a minimum of $0.10/species, but of course you can suggest that more is better!

Everyone involved should know that any form of participation, and any amount of pledge, will help support conservation, nature study, and nature education across the St. Louis area. So please register and go birding for a good cause!

Bill Rowe, for the Birdathon Group

St. Louis

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P.S.  If you have trouble with any part of the process as you move through registration and/or pledging, please contact Chuck Kirkpatrick at

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Be advised that Chuck will be mostly unavailable and unable to help during the coming weekend, May 4-6. Before and after that, he will be there.

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