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Why Reporting Matters, Syrian Archive, Tracking Autocrat Travel
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*GIJN Bulletin -- May 3, 2018*
Why Reporting Matters
At a time journalists are under unprecedented attack -- and the need for
watchdog reporting has never been greater -- please join GIJN in marking
World Press Freedom Day today
In tribute to our colleagues on the front lines around the world, we'd like
to quote from Yale University historian Timothy Snyder's recent talk, Why
Reporters Are Heroes

*When we talk about the media and complain about the media, it’s easy to
forget that within the media are a tiny group of individuals doing what’s
hard; they are actually trying to find things out. Why is that so
important? Everything good that we take for granted in a free society
depends on factuality. And without reporters we don’t have
factuality... Which brings me to freedom. Freedom depends upon factuality.
Freedom depends upon reporters...*
The Syrian Archive
Berlin-based group of researchers has launched the world’s first publicly
accessible database of chemical weapons attacks in Syria
It has archived over 1.5 million pieces of digital content, of which around
4,400 have been fact-checked. Here are five ways investigative reporters
can dig into the Syrian Archive.
 Tracking a President's Travels
president, Paul Biya, likes to travel abroad. Really likes it. This guy has
spent at least four and a half years on "brief private visits," travelling
in luxury, to the increasing ire of Cameroonians. Journalist Emmanuel
Freudenthal details how he and his colleagues collaborated across
continents to count Biya's days abroad and build their story

GIJN Brainstorms
Our global staff -- spread over seven countries on four continents -- held
a rare in-person meeting last month. GIJN's focus: brainstorming on the
future of our fast-growing network, on how to better serve and strengthen
the global investigative journalism community. We've come up with some
exciting ideas and we can't wait to put them in action. Stay tuned.

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