I've been debating whether or not to bother creating a trip report for the Kennedy Woods-Forest Park/Tower Grove Park SLAS field trip Saturday. We saw only a few migrants...few and far between.

Kennedy Woods still pretty much looks like it's the dead of winter, so unless a bird is planning on spending the summer here, I guess they're just not interested. Give it a couple of weeks and I think the birding will be much improved.

However, we had a large and pleasant group of about 30 people who joined us for this trip. And I think everyone enjoyed getting out and sharing our common purpose.

Here is a partial list of encountered species, as far as I recall:

Barred Owl (prior to the official start) FP

Scarlet Tanager FP

Black-throated Green Warbler TGP

Ruby-throated Hummingbird TGP

Red-headed Woodpecker FP

Ruby-crowned Kinglet FP, TGP

Hermit Thrush TGP

Cedar Waxwing TGP

N. Parula FP

Palm Warbler FP

Swamp Sparrow FP

... and the usual kind of birds.

Bob Bailey 
St. Louis, MO 
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