Dave Garcia, Rad Widmer, and myself hiked this relatively new Busch Greenway-Research Park Dr. Trail (.75).

This is a very beautiful area to bird. It is tucked away from any traffic noise, and the paved path traverses through a narrow valley that hugs a meandering stream, just downstream from water treatment plant.

Even though this path is less than a mile long (one-way), we birded this area from 9:00 am. to almost noon. The migrant songbirds were everywhere, non-stop. Because there is barely, if any, leaf foliage on the trees, the birds were easy to see. And due to the topography here, the birds were more often than not seen at eye level.

We also saw one very unusual bird. From all appearances, it looked to be a CROSS HYBRID of a MAGNOLIA WARBLER and YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER. It was in with the Yellow-rumped flock just below the water treatment plant. It looked like a bedraggled Magnolia, as it had more of the yellow of a Magnolia, but it's black streaking was disjointed, and it had the very broad and distinctive yellow rump Yellow-rumped Warbler and the yellow crown of the Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Here is a general list of the migrant birds we encountered, from the most encountered to the least:

YELLOW-RUMPED WARLBER tons, everywhere. Probably three or four dozen

NORTHERN PARULA - pretty much all along this stretch of the trail. Possibly a couple dozen

RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET - pretty much all along this stretch of the trail. More than a dozen

LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH - pretty much all along this stretch of the trail. Possibly a dozen

PALM WARBLER - several in various locations along the trail

PROTHONOTARY WARBLER - several in various locations along the trail

SWAMP SPARROW - half dozen





To get to this trail from St. Louis: > US 64 (west) and get off on the first exit west of Daniel Boone Bridge. Follow Research Park Center Drive. Eventually, you will see a sign for Busch Greenway. Take a left there. It ends at a parking lot.

Bob Bailey 

St. Louis, MO 

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