Hello awesome birders. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who volunteered time to make this happen, for which I benefited by attending. My trips into the field could not have been better, and I learned several things along the way. I will specifically mention my field trip organizers, Bill Rowe and Mike Thelen, and thank them for their gracious donation of time. I will also say that I was quite thrilled to meet Brad Jacobs, whose book "Birds In Missouri" is my favorite bird book from strictly an enjoyment factor, and I was glad to get to tell him so. He humbly deferred much credit to the book artists, but without his vision I would not have this terrific book.
Finally, I mingled with a few birders who I previously didn't know, and it was a true pleasure. Thanks for the memorable weekend.

Tom Caraway
St. Charles, MO

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