MO Birders!

Today, eBird launched their free online eBird photo + audio quiz! This is the first free online resource of its kind to test your bird ID skills by sight and sound, and it's really exciting. You choose a part of the world and a time of year and start your quiz! I'm so excited about this.

The source of the photos and audio clips is the Macaulay Library, which is also fed by eBird photo and audio clip submissions by the public from submitted checklists. This means that no two quizzes will ever be alike given the incredible amount of source photos and clips from researchers and the public. Yay for endless quiz material to hone your birding skills!

I've posted the quiz link on the Missouri eBird Portal: Check it out!

Here's to a new, free, exciting tool that will now take up way too much of my time!

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