From Melissa Roach in a FB comment: "Sorry I haven't given a specific location yet; I've been meaning to post to the listserv and it keeps getting pushed down the to-do list. The flock frequently visits the pines in the big, open field on the south side of 144. This is also where the large "Hawn State Park" sign hangs (it will be on the right as you enter the park). The field was recently burned so the grass is really short and a few of the shorter pines were scorched. There's a small pull off that leads down to a metal gate, but the park asks that people don't park there (because you'll block the gate); you can just park in the grass on the side of the road. If you walk through the metal gate and south down the mowed path, the flock has been foraging on the first few scorched pines but also flies west (and away). You'll notice nest boxes along the mowed path, please do not disturb them as some of them have active nests (we use this field as a study site). Thanks, and good luck!"

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Jackson County IL

On Sun, 22 Apr 2018, 9:40 pm Charlene Malone, <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Riverlands MBS, St. Charles co


LAUGHING GULL at gull roost at RMBS, 4/22/18. not in breeding plumage,
have to check age.

Roost formed on rocky mudflats in Ellis Bay, ~ across from Heron Pond.

Water seemed to be going down, so more mudflats could be forming.

No guarantee to be reproducible during the day but might be.


Hundreds, upon hundreds, upon hundreds, upon hundreds of shorebirds
(both yellowlegs, pects)

at Linc. Shields, Alton Lake/Fisherman's parking lot, West Alton Lake
Access and bay

before Harbor Point Marina entrance. Did not have time to sort through
them as carefully as needed.

Did find Semi-plovers, spotties too.  Might have been something else.

Re: Hawn State Park RED X-BILLS

No specific location given in eBird reports or maybe I missed it? (will
check again when I have time)

Anyone know *where* in Hawn SP these birds are being seen for those that
might want to chase, please.

Many thanks.

Gotta' go......... Rough seas ahead.

Charlene Malone

St. Louis co.

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