Three of us Grand River Audubon members were on a field trip to a private residence on the edge of Gallatin, Daviess Co. this morning. The day started off pretty slow bird wise with Spring coming so late here, like it sounds for the rest of the State as well.  We did enjoy seeing and hearing many Ruby-crowned Kinglets. Quite a few Yellow-rumped Warblers and White-throated Sparrows. Also Chipping, Lincoln's, Field, and Song Sparrows, and a DE Junco or two. Turkey Vultures flying all around, and then after it warmed up we observed four Broad-winged Hawks overhead, as well as Red-tailed and Coopers Hawks, a Bald Eagle, and a quick flyby Falcon, that was probably a Merlin.
   We moved on to Crowder SP, Grundy count early afternoon. More Sparrows feeding on the ground by the Tennis Court, including Swamp, and then a surprising Pine Warbler feeding in the grass. Had Northern Parula there too, but up high in the trees.The other real unexpected bird at Crowder was a Little Blue Heron at the lake. This lake is down in a valley surrounded by forested hills. We watched an Osprey perched in a tree on the edge of the lake with a large fish it had started feeding on. Had another Broad-winged Hawk while we were there.
  I swung by our Winter Hawk Spot at the jct. of blacktops  A & W in NW Livingston County on my way home. There were STILL at least 3 Rough-legged Hawks there. Saw couple more raptors that were too high and distant for me to identify. Heard a Western sounding Meadowlark singing again at that location. Nice Day to be out enjoying Nature!

Steve Kinder
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