Sorry for all the typos in original message – hard to type on that little phone screen when you are excited!    We did not get much rain today so the pools are starting to dry up at Eagle Bluffs helping to concentrate the birds a little bit.   Most shorebirds are now in Pool 10 and Pools 14/15;  a few still in Pool 5 and along the distribution channel.   Variety is starting to increase but dominant shorebirds remain Lesser Yellowlegs.  Some are beginning to show up at the “front” of pool 15 (end of the road turn-about area), but majority are still in the back of Pool 14.    This area can be reached by walking on the two-track that leads out of the turn-about that comes off at the bottom of the second one-way loop.   It is an easy walk, a little muddier tonight but still very accessible.   Walk on the two track and then veer a little left toward the open field that has two metal poles sticking up; this takes you down to a stand-alone small island of dead cattails at the edge of the water (it has a broken off metal pole in the water in front of it).  The Godwits were straight out in the deeper water;  3 together and 1 considerably separated from them.   The piping plover was 90 degrees to the left on a small mud peninsula;  showing great contrast with the 7+ semi-palmated plovers also present.  5 dunlin were to the right of the godwits, pretty far out.  Godwits and dunlin needed a scope, plovers where visible with binocs.

There was a clay-colored sparrow in the roadside scrub near the first eagle nest -  and we saw a surprise Blackpoll Warbler at the same location  - working low giving great views.

Not as exciting as a Green-tailed Towhee, but much fun nonetheless!

Jean Leonatti
Boone County
Columbia, MO

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Now, back of pool 14, requires walking out from end of second 1 way loop turn about. Next to srmipalmated plovers, good contrast,  also 4 Hudsonian godwits.

Jean Leonatti
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