I walked part of the large recently burned area at the south end of the Zell Tract on the west side of Pershing SP. Found a nice flock of 90 American Golden Plovers by following the sound of their calls. They were along the edge of one of the few oxbows that still had water in it. Some were in the water and having quite the bathing party. A few were showing a lot of Black & Gold coloration. Found a small flock of about a dozen Smith's Longspurs in the far SW corner where I had seen them before. Watched a lone Coyote crossing the open range at High Noon. Cool!
   Stopped by Bittern Marsh pool at Fountain Grove CA again. Only thing new there were a few Semi-palmated Plovers and two fishermen.

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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