It was with great excitement that I and others were able to confirm a reported Green-tailed Towhee near Buffalo in Dallas County.  This bird is on private property, on a private road.  Some of our local Greater Ozarks Audubon Society have had a wonderful relationship with Mennenite Communities in SW Mo.  It was through this relationship that we were called in to confirm the sighting today.

Through the years we have made some very important committments to our fellow Mennenite birders.  We do not, under any circumstance, take personal, or group pictures of any person or persons of their community.  However, they do not mind that we use cameras to take pictures of birds, and they do enjoy viewing the results of our efforts.  Another, is that we never bird their community areas on Sunday, their sabbath.  Thirdly, we never smoke on their personal property, or in their community.  And, or course, sometimes with great effort, we do not use profane langueage.  Which, in their ears, can be words we may not consider to be profane.  So be cautious of the words of exclamation you may use.  As you can tell, I am a bit paternal about the relations ship with these wonderful people, and fellow birders.

Now the surprising, and really good news.  On their initiative, they told me this evening, that we are open to displaying the correct, and specific location of the bird to the public.  People are welcome to bird the location on Sunday, their Sabbath, however it must be after 2PM in the afternoon before people arrive at this location.  To be noted as well, this property is adjoining this Communities Church, and Community facilites.  So please be very respectful with your arrival time if you bird their on Sunday.

Here are directions from the Buffalo, Mo. Hwy32XHwy65 and going south on Hwy65 approximately 3.5 miles to Kelly Rd, and turning west on Kelly Rd (there is a large Hostetler Feed Operation, and Store on the SE corner of that intersection), and going west on Kelly Rd approximately 2.4 miles, and then turning North onto Winding Creek Dr, and going then .5 mi to Prairie Grove Rd, and turning east onto Bluegate Rd. and the first house on the right, and park along the edge of the road.  Bluegate Rd is a private road, and their is little to no other traffic.  Their is a swing hanging from a tree in the front yard, please set your scopes, and view from area towards the deck of the house, and along the trees, and brush piles towards your left.  The bird is reasonably active, and with patience you should get looks of the bird.  49 Blue Gate Dr, Buffalo, Mo did work for us on the GPS.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me anytime.


Charley Burwick
Greene County

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