All birds are still ptesent - very nice views of red- necked grebe

Jean Leonatti
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Brad Jacobs, Edge Wade, Greg Leonard, and I were able to re-find all Kathleen's birds about an hour ago.

Eared Grebes were two males in nice breeding plumage, Red-necked was still in transitional plumage, but had a reddish neck, well-defined white cheek patch, and a jaunty 'beret'! Loon  looked like a nonbreeding adult.

Thanks, Kathleen and Jean!

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Kathleen Anderson just called from Phillips Lake – east side of Columbia by Fr. Tolton High School -  she is seeing a Red-necked Grebe, 2 Eared Grebes and the continuing common loon.     She says the RN Grebe is feeding constantly and spending long times under water, keep searching if you don’t see it at first.     She would LOVE for someone to get out there and get photos;  she has to leave for another appointment.  Good luck!

Jean Leonatti
Columbia, MO
Boone County

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