Today (Sunday) was a bodacious day to be at Eagle Bluffs CA in Boone Co.

Others reported seeing the 2 previously reported Sandhill Cranes.  I missed them.

An American Bittern was flying into a small "island" of reeds at the far end of pool 10--at 12:42.  This patch of reeds is best viewable just after making the left turn at the end of the one-way as you head toward pool 15.

A Snowy Egret was keeping company with a Great Blue Heron in the channel, seen from the road toward the handicap blind at the junction box.  It was not there on my way out.

One American Pipit was walking along the mud at the corner formed by the channel and the "cross levee" (gated road across channel), looking downstream.

Six Vesper Sparrows were among many sparrows working the burned levee along the road on the side toward pool 15--opposite Perche Creek.

Ducks included one Canvasback in pool 2.

A full report will be on eBird later.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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