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>Warning: this is a stupid post but I was
>curious and I decided that it wouldn't
>hurt to post the results of my "study."
>So, which is actually the cruelest month?

This post is stupid too. Today a search brought up the following text:
T.S. Eliot wrote "April is the cruelest month" and that's certainly
proving true for
winter-weary folks across the northern U.S., ...

That got me wondering - did Eliot originally WRITE the British CRUELLEST
or the American CRUELEST?

I lost my TWL facsimile ages ago (probably because I was hauling it
around so much and I ended up forgetting to haul it back) so I checked
for an online copy. I saw that in the typescript he had the British
spelling but I wasn't able to see if there were an earlier manuscript
version of the line. Maybe someone can help me out.