Warning: this is a stupid post but I was
curious and I decided that it wouldn't
hurt to post the results of my "study."

So, which is actually the cruelest month?

I decided to let Google tell me by doing a
search for "-MONTH- is the cruelest month"
over the 12 months and recording the 
"About N results" that came up.

The results, from high to low:
   62,400 April
    7,500 March
    3,780 August
    3,540 February
    2,690 January
    1,870 September
    1,820 0ctober
    1,790 May
    1,690 December
    1,560 November
    1,250 June
    1,030 July

Let someone else rerun the exercise using
"-MONTH- is the crueLLest month"