To answer a couple of Scoter viewing questions -
Yes you would be able to view from the car easily - there is also a nice park bench right next to the street where one could sit comfortably and observe them.
When I was there until 1:00 today (Fri) - the better viewing was on the side of the lake across from the fairground pavilions. You can enter the lake area couple of different directions - its doesn't matter which end you enter, its a loop and a small lake. You will be able to see immediately where they are and park accordingly.

As far as directions via gps - I used this address, which is the park dept. right at the lake -
1220 S Lakeshore Dr, Washington, MO 63090

Far as I could tell no real best way - I came from St. Charles almost entire way over Hwy 94 - kind of a nice scenic drive.  
However your gps tells you will get you there.  Also my gps had me as soon as I crossed the bridge, 1st light turn right that was Third st. I believe and it took me almost directly there - no turns until 3-4 blocks away.  

I did find I had to be patient to view them well - when first arrived they were resting with their heads down, about 30 min. they became active. Like Mick noted several times you didn't need bins - they moved closer in to the shore.

A very nice experience to watch these beautiful ducks so close.  Photos to follow.

Ev Luecke
St. Charles, MO.

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