In St. Charles County we found a horde of Gadwall and a fair number of other dabbling ducks along Highway B between Highway C and South Shores.  At the green trailer where you can safely pull off there were American Pipits.  The area looks promising as shorebird habitat at the moment.  There were lots of Wilson's Snipe at the western intersection of Rt. 94 and Rt. H.  In the slough across from the Lutheran School, we found four Lesser Yellowlegs on Saturday.

At Lincoln-Shields today, there were two adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls standing together among the Ring-billed Gulls (a pair?).  I saw my second Barn Swallow of the year among the Tree Swallows (the first was a week ago at Creve Coeur Lake).  An adult Bald Eagle flew from Riverlands across the river carrying a full grown rabbit.  The gulls including a first year Herring Gull, tried to harass it, but it was having nothing to do with them.  It disappeared over the levy near the nest.  The nest on the Illinois side is active, but I could not see if there were any young yet.

There are still two Cackling Geese in a small flock of Canada Geese in a fluddle along Bruns Rd.  near Horseshoe Lake in Granite City, Illinois.  I had 22 species of waterfowl today, not bad for late March.

David Becher

Saint Louis

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