I have already sent one email out, but I wanted to send another email out regarding our upcoming bio-blitz at Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center in Kirkwood, MO.

See below regarding our tentative schedule.

I have one person (thanks Vona!) who will be leading one bird walk on Saturday starting at 8am. However, I could use at least 2 more folks who could assist in bird walks (taking the public on bird walks on one of our 3 trails to listen and look for as many birds as possible).  Our trails are approximately 1/3 mile, 2/3 mile and 1.2 miles in length.  Depending on the interest in the public, there could be multiple walks at different times.

Linda Tossing will be mist netting and banding songbirds and Lanny Chambers will be trapping and banding hummingbirds for us; so we can use all the help we can get for bird walks (and potentially other areas).

If anyone is interested in doing an owl prowl on Friday night (may 11th), that would be fun too!

Please let me know if you all are interested in assisting. If not, then stop by! :)

**since I am leading the event, I cannot lead one of the surveys**

Friday, May 11th: 630pm to 11pm

*      Bat mist netting

*      Spider "sniffing" surveys

*      Moth black-lighting surveys

*      More!
Saturday, May 12th: 7am to 2pm
*      Live owl from WBS (Brenda, time pending)
*      Woodland bird mist netting and banding (begins at 7am)
*      Hummingbird trapping and banding (begins at 9am)
*      Bird walks (begins at 8am)
*      Tree identification walks
*      Bryophyte (mosses and lichens) surveys (begin at 12noon)
*      Fungi surveys (begins at 10am)
*      Small mammal trapping surveys
*      Camera trap and scent trail surveys
*      Reptile and Amphibian surveys (Rebecca and Naturalist staff)
*      Pond study survey (Molly and Naturalist staff)
*      Herbaceous plant surveys (begin at 10am)
*      Insect surveys
and MORE!

Shelly Colatskie
Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
Missouri Department of Conservation
11715 Cragwold Road
Kirkwood, MO 63122
314-301-1506 ex 4222
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