Hello Missouri Birders:  


Decided to get off the beaten path early this morning and head to some
counties I have never recorded birds in.. ever.  It paid off!  I found "what
I am calling" a first-winter GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW, mixed in with numerous
White-crowned and American Tree Sparrows at Bunch Hollow CA, Carroll County.
What an awesome surprise!


Specifically, the bird was in the first brush pile on the right (or west
side) of CR181 after turning off of CR130, this would be directly across (or
south) from parking spot 5.  I think this bird is certainly re-findable -
But, it might take some searching with all the brush piles in this general
area.  Also, I would recommend if searching for this bird to pick up a map
at one of the parking areas - As CR181 does not have a street sign marking


Lastly, the bird was not exactly a standout - his yellow forehead only
showed well when the sun hit it.  Matter of fact, at first I just saw it as
a dingy, drabber immature White-crowned with a funky head pattern...
Regardless - Photos in the below eBird checklist show the yellow crown and
gray bill:


I believe this is the 5th Missouri Record - Assuming the MBRC accepts it of



Joshua Uffman

St. Louis County, Missouri

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