I wonder how many on this list have been to a Burns Night. It is a fabulous celebration of Scotland's great poet, and there is no reason to compare Burns to Woolf or anyone. I have attended, arranged, and given the Immortal Memory at various Burns Nights, and they have rituals; humor; sometimes fine speeches about poetry;  and haggis, neeps, and taties plus single malt Scotch.  I am a feminist and lover of Woolf, but the notion of setting up a competition is silly. No one is prevented from celebrating Woolf if they choose, and it has no relation to celebrating Burns.

And if we are basing this on the author's morals, it is even more silly. Pound was a Fascist; Eliot has been challenged on many grounds--with plenty of evidence; Lawrence was awful to his wife. But the TSE Society has parties every year, and Pound enthusiasts have conferences. And no one says they should have them on some other poet instead.

I don't really know whether Burns's many sexual experiences were what I would approve. But Liz Lochhead is right that it does not change the poetry.

I only wish this country could imagine a major holiday / celebration of a poet.

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On a positive note 

Shape Beneath Color: The Impressionistic Wonders of 'To the Lighthouse' 

By James McWilliams 

A “gorgeous but impossible aesthetic” one always looks forward to grapple with. This by way of a humble tribute. 


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Here’s a piece that helps articulate me:

Difficult Books: To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf - The Millions


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Appreciate your observations on the article, Schlanger. Wonder if a modernist writer like Woolf is NOT celebrated because of her DIFFICULT novels. In comparison Eliot fascinates. 


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To the Lighthouse. 


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Inane article by Welsh:  is it necessary to classify by gender?  Can we not just say that Woolf wrote extremely well?  (Though of course someone will respond by referencing A Room of One's Own, which because of its subject is also classified--as a "feminist" text.  I think of it as an essay about writers and writing.)

CR--have you read VW?  What do you like?  Why?

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This Burns Night, consider celebrating Virginia Woolf instead | Books | The Guardian 


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Google's search page uses a sketch of Virginia Woolf (January 25, 1882 - March 28, 1941) in its logo today to honor the 136th anniversary of her birth.