Eliot lives on in the face of death.


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The Declaration

Here's How 10 People Spent What They Thought Were the Last Moments of Their Lives During Missile Alert

VICTORIA TAFT | JAN 15, 2018 | 11:15 PM

Want to find out what you're made of? Imagine you've just been informed that a nuclear missile was headed your way and you had 15 minutes to live. That's what happened this past Saturday in real life when a state worker erroneously clicked a computer mouse twice to send out a life-or-death message to thousands of people in Hawaii.

Here are the reactions of 10 people who got that message and had to act — or not.

Caitlin Doughty, who says she's a Los Angeles undertaker, heard from her mother who ... was quoting T.S. Eliot to her via text:

    Texted my mom, worried she's hiding down a storm drain. She texts back some T.S. Elliot. #Hawaii pic.twitter.com/hYlTNBTVwL

    — Caitlin Doughty (@TheGoodDeath) January 13, 2018

The text is at https://pic.twitter.com/hYlTNBTVwL