She also recommends reading the book: “Birding Babylon: A Soldier’s Journal from Iraq,” when you get back from your trip. By Jonathan Trouern-Trend.


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Good morning!  I will be going on an amazing trip to Jordan, Israel and Egypt early in the new year.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a field guide for that area?  I have a Western Europe guide that looks like it covers Israel and Jordan but not really Egypt. A brief internet search showed several photographic guides that had mediocre reviews...e.g. doesn't cover all the birds, photos too small to see details, etc. This is strictly a group tour sightseeing trip, but I am always on the lookout for birds. Not sure it's even worth the effort to get another guide, but I thought I would ask....

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Susan Eaton
Kirkwood, St. Louis CO, MO
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