Please send your Fall 2017 Seasonal Bird Reports to me at your earliest convenience.  I am about a week late with this request so I will extend the normal deadline for getting your reports to me to December 20.  There were definitely some interesting trends going on, with the big movement of Red Crossbills and multiple Snowy Owls.  Birds that are rare, casual or accidental are most likely to make it into the published report.  However, unusually high or low numbers and early and late dates are also important to submit.  The range of dates for rarities is important.  The status of wild food crops, weather patterns and available habitat can also provide context to the occurrence and abundance of birds throughout the state.  Submissions by e-mail are preferred, but you can also send mail to my address:  517 Willow Lane, Kirkwood, MO 63122.

Thank you,

Joe Eades
Kirkwood, MO
joseph.w.eades@monsanto .com

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