Please consider submitting an abstract for the panel I’m organizing for the
American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) at the 2018 ACTFL
Convention in New Orleans.

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*Project-Based Curriculum Design and Learning-Centered Feedback in the L2
What are the most effective, and at the same time most rewarding, ways for
students to demonstrate their learning progress, and for teachers to assess
how much their students have learned? While the traditional blue book exam
might offer an easily measurable score, it leaves hardly any room for
learners to engage at a deeper level with intellectually stimulating topics
through the target language. We invite presentations that rethink how
assessment and feedback can draw on theories such as situated cognition,
and thus become an integrated, and enjoyable, part of the curriculum and
the learning experience. Presentations will (1) introduce specific
innovative project-based assignments, and/or (2) discuss alternative forms
of feedback, like specifications grading or contract grading. The session
ultimately introduces a model of assessment and feedback that focuses on
students’ ability to produce new knowledge in the target language rather
than merely reproducing memorized information. Send a short description
(250 words) by January 5, 2018 to [log in to unmask]
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