42nd Annual Conference of the German Studies Association

September 27-30, 2018 | Pittsburgh, PA


Call for Papers (GSA 2018 Panel): The Re-embodied Body: New discussions on the body in German culture

Submission deadline: February 1st, 2018


Despite an obsession with the body in contemporary popular culture (such as Guenther Hagen’s controversial exhibition “Body worlds”, Christian Petzold’s film Phoenix (2014), or Juli Zeh’s novel Corpus Delicti), scholarly attention to the topic of the body has been scant in recent years. Our panel attempts to re-address this de-centralized body through analysis of various representations of the body throughout German culture. The human condition instigates what appears to be a cyclical engagement with the body. As time and technology push forward, the body is often left as an afterthought that needs to flex and mold to evolving cultural contexts. We thus ask: How do we approach the body-mind duality today vs. in the past?  How are bodies translated into different media (e.g. from book to film; from the physical to the digital)? How are depictions of the body evolving through various media and how does it relate to lived experiences? We invite abstracts which reflect on topics relating to the body-mind duality, how the body gets ‘lost in translation’ in the digital age, and how the de-centralized body illuminates new and old tensions between the embodied experience with advancements in technology.

Topics include but are not limited to:

     Body modification and/or mutilation (such as tattoos, scarification, piercings or transdermals)

     Cultural inscription

     Body- beauty politics

     Body as a text / medium of inscription

     Theoretical engagement with body politics, including race, gender and class.

     Disability and accessibility

     The intersection of technology, media and the body

     Individual vs. collective participation in culture expressed through presentations of the body

     Tensions within the confines of what is considered ‘taboo’ regarding the body


Please send abstracts (300 words) and a short bio to Cynthia Porter ([log in to unmask] ) and Verena Hutter ([log in to unmask]) by February 1st, 2018. As per GSA regulation, collaborative work is limited to two presenters. Please also indicate whether you need audio-visual equipment. All prospective presenters must be paid members of the German Studies Association for the current year (by Feb. 15th, 2018). Please see www.thegsa.org for membership information.

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