CFP: Adapting Story Content: Intermedia Projects across Platforms in the Language Classroom 

November 16-18, 2018
New Orleans

Target texts that modern language learners encounter are frequently interconnected adaptations of one story content across multiple media platforms. Novels are adapted to film, films to graphic novel, and graphic novels to audio-book. More texts are also released in multiple formats simultaneously and feature supplements across platforms to enhance the main content: computer games are enriched by interactive comics, movies by websites, and scientific articles by video recordings. Creators and consumers of intermedia texts create and experience story content in multiple modalities: as a written text, as (moving) image, as sound, or as a combination thereof. This panel seeks contributions that discuss the integration of creative media adaptation projects in the language classroom, including aspects of technology, interpretative/ presentational modes, project preservation and the practice of form. We encourage submissions that share experiences with past, current and planned projects. Send a short description (250 words) by January 5, 2018 to the session organizer Nicolay Ostrau [log in to unmask].
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