This may be out of date even as I write it, but...I was at RMBS starting at
7:00 this morning and failed to find the owl at the location of yesterday,
or anywhere else in the vicinity. Doug Hommert and David Rudder were there
looking too.

As a reminder, Al Smith was correct to note that the owl's location on the
rock jetty was solidly in Illinois, not Missouri. The eBird hotspot for
this area is "Melvin Price Lock and Dam 26, Alton."  It is NOT "Riverlands
Migratory Bird Sanctuary," as that hotspot covers Missouri only. If the
bird is entered for the Riverlands hotspot, then it is incorrectly recorded
for Missouri. I acknowledge that it only had to fly a short distance to
change that, but as far as I know, it didn't.

To see the Corps of Engineers' map of Riverlands, showing the "approximate
state line" as they modestly put it, go to

Of course, if it's the same owl as the one on Cora Island Road, it's
already been in both states. I've heard one person's opinion that it is the
same. Personally I have no idea -- I haven't seen either one! (My only
personal observation of Snowy Owl in St. Charles County goes back to 1968.)

Bill Rowe

St. Louis

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