Now that we are into waterfowl and deer hunting seasons it's a good time to think about safe birding. Missouri's state parks have no hunting, except for a few well-announced and sign-posted special deer hunts essential to keep down overpopulation which leads to destruction of habitat and unhealthy deer.

The state parks below are the focus parks for the ASM-DNR SPARKS program, part of which is to bird and record occurrence of species in the parks.

Please bird safely and include one of these parks in upcoming outings.  Your eBird reports will be used to fulfill ASM's participation obligations.  AND, dollars earned from this program are used to fund conservation and education programs throughout Missouri.  

Wallace SP                                  
Onondaga Cave SP  
Meramec SP
Harry S. Truman SP
Stockton SP
Pomme de Terre SP
Arrow Rock State Historic Site
Van Meter SP
Echo Bluff State Park  
Thousand Hills State Park                    
Crowder State Park                                        
Current River State Park                        
Washington State Park 

Bodacious SAFE birding,

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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