Playing Possum

Kevin Davey
Aaaargh! Press, 185pp, £9.99

A review 

Playing Possum: a modernist caper infused with the spirit of TS Eliot

Leo Robson

New Statesman 

2 November 2017

“As the title indicates, we have always known Eliot had his playful side – that he could invent a Macavity and Prufrock, inspire a Lloyd Webber no less than a Lowell. Davey enlarges our sense of Eliot by revealing these appetites not as amusingly paradoxical but continuous and coherent, the possessions of a single man, and by promoting his vision of Eliot not by an act of critical revisionism, another article, but in the form of a loose-limbed, farraginous postmodern caper that has been written in accordance with his spirit.”