Hi there everyone!  I am new to this list, but I've been on ebird for about a year or so now.  My name is Tom Caraway, and I follow everyone's posts here, and many ebird lists.  I just want to say how grateful I am for everyone who shares their knowledge, which helps me often.  I would also like to recommend Cornell's recently re-posted webinar series, available for purchase, of which I have 2 (raptors and shorebirds).  I have only viewed 3 sessions so far, but they are fantastic.  I have learned a great deal in the last year, from combined resources of field guides, books on specific birds and species, ebird lists, and many hours in the field.  I have met a few of you out there, and I hope to meet many more.  Again, thank you all for sharing your talents and passion.  It is contagious (the passion, that is.  I'm still working on the talent part).
Tom Caraway
St. Charles, MO

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