Mark Robbins and I set up on the south end of Weston Bend State Park to watch for migrating woodpeckers and Blue Jays.  We parked in the south Weston Bend Trailhead Parking lot and did our count on the road at the crest of the levee to the south of Bee Creek.  We surveyed from around 7:30 am until 10:30 am by which time things had “gone south” both literally and figuratively.  The temperature was about 59F when we started and the sky was mostly cloudy where we were but overcast and dark to our south.  At around 9:40 the sun broke out of the clouds and we had a short burst of migrating Red-headed Woodpeckers (21 in just a couple of minutes).    By the end of our survey we had tallied 761 Blue Jays, 522 Northern Flickers, and 25 Red-headed Woodpeckers.  According the Mark the Northern Flicker tally is the eBird MO all time high count.  We had very few migrating raptors this morning.  Our eBird checklist can be viewed here:


John Bollin

Leavenworth County, KS


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