I paddled my boat around on Silver Lake, east side of the refuge this morning. Not too much there today, did see good number of Wood Duck, flock of couple dozen Blue-winged Teal, a Least Bittern, and an all white Swallow. Not close enough to get ID on the Swallow as to species, most were Cliff Swallows over the lake. Big hatch of about a Bazillion May Flies too!
    Driving back through the middle of the refuge I spotted two Sandhill Cranes. An immature Bald Eagle flew over them and then one started jumping up and around and flapping it's wings. The other joined in and they danced around for a few minutes and then stopped and started preening. 
  There were about a 150 Great Egrets scattered around Swan Lake pool, plus Great Blue Herons, and 100+ White Pelicans.

Had a Northern Harrier Saturday at Fountain Grove CA, FOS for the area.

Saw White-winged Dove in the yard again about 11a.m. Sunday, but not since. Red-headed Woodpecker on feeder this morning.

Later, Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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