Riverlands was not very exciting.  Most of the Least Terns appear to have departed.  There were none visible at Teal Pond.  There was one juvenile and one adult in Ellis Bay.  The only shorebirds were on Cora Island Road.  There were three Black-necked Stilts which appeared to be a pair with a juvenile.  They seemed rather aggressive to the other birds.  A few Stilt Sandpipers came through, but the BN Stilts chased them off.  All the other birds were Pectorals and Least Sandpipers.

Horseshoe Lake in Pontoon Beach, Illinois was a bit more active.  There are lots of birds south of the causeway in the grassy marsh.  There were at least 200 Cattle Egrets and good numbers of Little Blue Herons and Snowy Egrets.  It was difficult to count the birds in the grass. Many of the Cattle Egrets were sitting on the blinds.   There were Yellowlegs in the grass as well, but they were difficult to see clearly.  If there were any other shorebirds, we were not able to see them.  There were about 40 Black Terns hunting over the marsh.  There were some very distant Caspian Terns sitting on the levy by the steel plant at the north end.

David Becher

Saint Louis

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