Did you know there was a Global Shorebird Count?  Missouri is one of the most underrepresented states in submitting results.  We can change that.
Here's what you need to know and links to the appropriate sites.

The Global Shorebird Count, held every year on the weekend nearest September 6 (Counting time is September 1-7 for 2017), is one of the key events of World Shorebirds Day. The Count is intended to raise awareness of the importance of regular monitoring to protect bird populations and conserve their habitats.

Why count shorebirds?

Regular counts carried out by thousands of volunteers and professionals worldwide reveal population trends, fundamental to the assessment of the status of any species.

The annual Global Shorebird Count demonstrates the importance of field work, observers improve their counting skills, and increases the number of birders and scientists monitoring shorebirds worldwide.

How can you take part?

**Think about where will you be on the Global Shorebird Counting weekend (dates at our blog);

**Register to participate;

**Count shorebirds during the weekend of the Count;

**Submit your data to eBird (the preferred method; details here) or send your results directly to us by September 20th.

About submitting data via ebird:

Please add to the comment field: World Shorebirds Day (only for the checklists made during the World Shorebirds Day weekend)
Data sharing

To make your submitted data visible to World Shorebirds Day, checklists is kindly asked to be shared. Please add the worldshorebirdsday eBird username of World Shorebirds Day (WorldShorebirdsDay) or [log in to unmask] email address, to your contact list, and share all your related checklists with us (only the checklists made during the World Shorebirds Day weekend between 1–7 September 2017). There is a guideline, how to do this, here.

Want to know what counts as a shorebird?

Shorebirds are the first priority, but it is highly recommended that you record not only the number of shorebirds but all birds present at your counting locations.

Don’t be disappointed if your site holds only a few birds. Every effort counts, whether there are hundreds individuals or just one.

The deadline for data submission is September 20.

Lastly- there are prizes for multiple year participation:
As last year’s announcement for returning counters came out late, our offer for the great prizes remains valid for all those registering through this dedicated form (see under this post) and sending at least one checklist each yer from 2017 till 2019 from the Global Shorebird Counting dates. A detailed blogpost will come out shortly about it. 

Here is the list of prizes from the 2016 post.

Questions?  email them at [log in to unmask]

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