This morning I went back out to my latest Missouri hotspot love, Grand
Tower Island.  It's little chunk of Perry County, MO cut off on the east
side of the Mississippi when the river changed course.  The Big Muddy
Levee/ Island Drive connects it to highway 3 in Jackson County, Illinois,
and it's about an hour drive from my home in Pocahontas MO.

Today there were numerous shallow ponds absolutely covered with waders and
other birds.  In one pool I counted 97 Double-crested Cormorants, 31
American White Pelicans, and estimated 50 each Snowy Egrets and Little Blue
Herons, with about 500 Great Egrets.  Plus a few random shorebirds thrown

Worth checking out.

Sorry about the lousy photo.  My camera wasn't in my camera bag, so all I
had was the cell phone.

-Allen Gathman
Pocahontas, MO (Cape Girardeau County)

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