We observed 8 Least Tern young on the barge in Teal Pond today,  July 4, 2017.  All 8 young were inside the fencing of the barge.  They were all mostly tan in coloration.  2 were very small and hiding under driftwood and being patiently fed.  3 other youngsters were jumping up and down on a wood plank near the edge of the barge.  Another was hiding between two railroad ties. Yet another was appearing and reappearing near the hideaway wooden structure.  We think there are more and that one adult is on eggs.   

We counted 27 adults in the area - 16 were together on a small island across the road from the barge, 4 were on buoys, 5 were on the barge (we were careful not to count decoys) and 2 were in flight.  We noticed much mating display still going on as well as actual mating.

We are going to try to piece together a video of the young on the barge and post it later.  It will probably be poor quality, but this is exciting and worth seeing even in poor quality.   

Andy Reago

St. Louis MO

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